Family Anthology

Do you remember my December blog post where I asked, "Are you my family?"  In a nutshell, I had read about a photographer who followed 1 family for over 20 years, documenting their regular life with bits of special occasions sprinkled in.  It's a stellar photo anthology and ever since I read about the idea, I've been wanting to pursue my own version.

Well, I'm very excited to announce that I have chosen my family!  Meet Joe, Suzanne & Jackson!  Actually you've already met them at least twice; back in 2006 when I photographed their wedding, and about 6 months ago when I photographed their cutie-pie Jackson.  I'm really (really!) excited and can't wait to get started.

Basically, I'll meet up with them 2-4 times a year and shadow them during their everyday life; making a sandwich, grocery shopping, music recital, folding laundry, etc.  I know it may sound a bit odd but just think about it!  Imagine if you had a photograph freezing some of your favorite childhood memories in time; your mom cutting off the crust of your PB & J; you sitting in the shopping cart as she explains to you (once again) why you can't have Fruit Loops; getting dressed for your first school play and crying because the shoes are too tight; watching your dad tinker in the garage while he explains the different screwdrivers and their names.  It will be a work in progress and I know that we are all going to have fun watching this family grow up!