Executive Airplane | Napa

Flying has never been one of my favorite past-times and I've concluded that it's because I've been going about it wrong for years.  Squeezing into cramped seats, sleeping upright and flight delays are no way to travel... THIS is the way to travel!! Introducing Chancellor, a private executive airplane that can be chartered to just about anywhere your dreams will take you.  Pure luxury with leather seats that recline, stacks of magazines, cocktails & snacks and plenty of room to stretch out your legs.  And with an astonishing amount of storage space for luggage, golf bags and snowboards, you can now say goodbye to lost bags.

Photographing this Napa-based airplane was so much fun and I'd like to give big thanks to all of those who modeled and assisted; Peter, the owner and pilot of the plane, his wife Carla who stopped by to say hello and got wrangled into some of the photos, Peter and Carla's daughter Gloria and her friend Jake, my very helpful hubby Mike who assisted with the details, and last but not least my main model Kirstin (who is also related to the bunch) who was absolutely perfect for this shoot!

These photos will be used for many purposes, including a brand new website designed by my favorite people at DesignThis in Napa.  So sit back, relax and make yourself comfortable during the duration of this blog post.

Photo notes:

The last batch of photos are some behind the scenes moments which include giggle fits amongst the models and me riding in the co-pilot seat while we taxied around the airport.

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