Eric's Senior Prom



Eric entered my life in June 1997, when he was a brand new 3 year old.  I would make him giant Autumn leaf piles in the backyard, we'd laugh at his adorable, " I did not know dat." expression and I'd carry him on my hip as we walked into the library."  As any parent knows, step or or not, they grow up so fast.  Too fast.

Eric is now a big senior, with only a few more weeks left in high school.  He'll be leaving for Colorado this summer and I'm certain I'll cry.

Eric has turned into such an amazing young man in part to all of his wise choices and also because of all of the love and nurturing that has enveloped him as he's grown.  He's smart, reserved, witty, talented and handsome. He will look you in the eye with a firm handshake, and his dimples will melt any woman within a 10 mile radius.  He's an athlete, the life of the party and he's just like his father Mike.  We're so proud of him!