Dinner with friends...

One of my favorite aspects of being a photographer are the friendships that are formed! Do you remember my beautiful couple Kate & Nicole?  I photographed their wedding 2 years ago and we've had many fun times together since (Donner Lake, My Birthday, etc), including this past weekend.  We all gathered in Sonoma to celebrate Nicole's great accomplishment of graduating from UC Berkeley which means she now has a fancy title to accompany her already stylish designing skills! (hint: don't ask her to incorporate lace curtains)

I took ONE (aka: 1, numero uno) whopping photo at her party - I know tisk-tisk, but I think this end of the evening table shot tells it all; can't you just hear the laughter, the clinking of glasses after several toasts, the funny stories that were told by 2-3 people who had their own rendition, and you can almost taste the plates upon plates of food!

Congratulations Nicole for all of your efforts and kudos to Kate as well for surviving the grueling late nights of homework and projects!