Lighting the Snowmen | A Sonoma Tradition

Humor me for a minute while I pretend to be famous.  You see, I've always dreamt of autographs, red carpets and photos with fans but I'm just not quite there yet, so when I get the smallest glimpse of seeing my name in print I kind of get obnoxious, so this is your warning. It started earlier in the year when I entered a local pizza creation contest and won; the creation was the Farmer's Market Pizza for Sonoma's Red Grape Pizzeria.  It started as an April special and before I knew it had become a regular menu item with the line, "Created by Megan Clouse". (Thank you, thank you.  Ok everyone, please hold the applause until I finish.)

Fast forward to November and Cornerstone's snowmen contest.  The lighting of the snowmen has become a local's favorite, with each year filled with anticipation and questions: "What will the snowmen be doing this year?!"  Cornerstone opened up ideas to the public this year and lo and behold my idea (Snowmen building a snowman) WON!

So yes... that makes me famous in my own eyes for all of about 32 minutes.  32 glorious minutes!