Cookbook Club | Landmark Vineyards

Last month as the Mr. and I strolled through Sonoma's Tuesday Night Farmer's Market, I spied a long dining table set under the trees complete with linen napkins and giddy locals enjoying wine and large plates of food.  It was so small-town-romantic that I stopped in my tracks and just had to know more!  I quickly spotted my friend Pat among the happy picnickers and she explained that it was a monthly cookbook club and that each member brings a dish from that month's cookbook to share for the ultimate potluck!  As soon as I heard of this, I knew I had to photograph the next event... and I did! The lovely Kristin, proprietor of Junipero and Co. and not-so-secret foodie started this wonderful club and it is really something special!  So special that I photographed their June gathering which was held at Landmark Vineyards* as well as wrote a piece for Sunset magazine, which I'm hoping will be published.  (Fingers crossed!)

If you're looking to make new friends, do something unique or just add a little zip to your life, I highly recommend joining Kristin's Cookbook Club! Drop her an email (kristin [at] and she'll reply with an adorable "recipe card" with the details.

*Landmark is a whole other topic, but let me quickly add that it's a hidden Kenwood gem and absolutely ideal for weddings and events!