Ceremony Tip | His + Her Sides

My last post discussed a new wedding trend that I love, but today I'm touching on an old trend that I loathe. When it comes to weddings, I love traditional elements, quirky surprises and everything in between but there's one tradition that I'd love to see banished forever and that is "The Bride's Side" and "The Groom's Side".

I started thinking of the meaning of this tradition when planning my own wedding over 10 years ago and I thought to myself, here we have two families becoming one, so why in the world would you divide them down the aisle as if they were two opposing sides, like the North and the South ready to go into battle.  I say we all sit together as one!

My second case in point comes from the photographer side of me.  Photographically it looks terrible if the seating is lopsided.  Several times I've found my self standing in the back watching the guests find their seats, filling the chairs so lopsided that if it were a ship it would capsize and sink; with about 10 people on one side and 65 on another.  It made me sad for the one side, as if the bride or groom (can't recall whose side it was) had lost the popularity contest.

Lastly, I love when couples add a little humor to the situation so perhaps when planning out the details, you can do something kind of silly like Kate & Nicole, my same sex wedding couple who posted the "Bride's Side" on both sides!