Beltane Ranch Wedding A + M


Andrea and Moaya are completely adorable and you're going to love their intimate wedding.  A little bit about them... they are the owners of the new fabulous Crisp Bake Shop here in Sonoma. Moaya is a talented chef and Andrea is a gifted baker as well as has spent years in the catering and event business.  So when she phoned me a few weeks ago and said, "Are you available next Sunday?", I was intrigued with why she was asking.  I just so happened to not have anything planned and she said, "Well, I'm planning my wedding, all in just one week and we'd love for you to photograph the occasion."  I was sold!

One week would be nearly impossible for most brides, but since Andrea had so many friends in the event world, all eager to be a part of it, it was relatively easy.  It sounds like the most difficult aspect was getting the dress altered with just a couple days to spare.  She kept a smile through the craziness and I just adore how they put together something so special in such a short amount of time.


I love everything about Beltane Ranch and this couple.  Hugs to you both!!


Many thanks to:

Venue: Beltane Ranch

Officiant: Justice Laurie D. Zelon (Moaya's cousin)

Flowers:  Spiral Hand

Makeup:  Glowing Bridal

Hair:  Stella Stevens

Cake: Crisp Bake Shop (of course)

Reception Dinner: Stark's Steakhouse

Music: iPod