Bello Family Vineyards | Napa Valley

Living in wine country has allowed me to document so many interesting aspects of wine making; from winter pruning, spring inspection, summer harvest and autumn crush but there was always one piece of the puzzle that had gone on unseen, the bottling!  Last week I had the privilege of meeting the Bello family, a beautiful family who turned their wine dreams into reality, with their own label namesake and a St. Helena tasting room under construction (next to Taylors Refresher). We started off early at the Zinfandel Lane bottling plant, me following OSHA compliance with my earplugs, goggles and camera in hand.  It was amazing to watch the bottling process and I marvel at how engineers develop such streamlined machinery.  The empty bottles are loaded onto the conveyor.  The bottles are rinsed, blown dry, filled with wine, corked, foiled, labeled and boxed all within a minute or two from the beginning.  Really fascinating!  Seriously, I could have stood there staring with a mesmerized haze for hours.

After the bottling was complete, we took a quick drive down valley to their lovely home for family portraits, website headshots and some bottle photography.  It was a very nice day and I look forward to sharing more of the Bello family with you when their tasting room opens.

Bello Family Vineyards

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