Beaches, Friends, Storms | Maine

My recent trip to Maine was amazing on many levels and I'm excited to share a small glimpse of my trip with you! Thursday was an all day blogging and branding workshop at the Emilie Inc. Studio, with a strong mix of speakers; Emilie Sommer (Emilie Inc), Liene Stevens (Splendid Communications) , Angela Adams (Angela Adams Designs) and J Sandifer (Live Books).  I met a wide range of wedding and business professionals and I'm quite excited to continue my friendship with these industry leaders.   We hunkered down for a full day of topics all while a huge storm showed it's angry side with hard, sideways rain and heavy pre-hurricane-like winds. The studio power hung tough the whole day, but the wind eventually took its toll and knocked out power to my 100+ year hotel, which meant I had to walk room to room with a tiny travel candle, all while trying to stay calm as I passed gilded mirrors and cavernous dark and empty closets.  It was really spooky!

Friday was my free day, and luckily the weather completely cooperated with "warm" 40 degree temps and lots of sunshine so I was able to enjoy a few hours of walking around Old Port and seeing the sites, followed by an adventuresome tour of local lighthouses and retail shops thanks to Emilie.

Saturday was another full day of brainstorming and agenda items for the board members of Pink Initiative!  There are many great things brewing with P.I. and I look forward to sharing the news as it becomes public!  You can follow our progress and latest news bits by following us on Twitter.

Lastly, Sunday was spent winding down with some more Pink Initiative topics discussed over a yummy brunch at a local cafe.

Portland Maine is a special city with a great mix of business owners, artists, local shops and weathered sailors and I look forward to returning in the summer so I can really experience all of the outdoors activities!