Annadel Estate Winery | Weddings

On a cool rainy day in March, I had the great privilege of getting a tour of one of the most fabulous wine country wedding venues! I'd heard about Annadel Estate Winery and it was practically becoming legend in my own mind. I had heard about the twinkly lights strung across the stone "ruins", the barns with their perfect rustic backdrop for family portraits, the statuesque farm house, the antique rose gardens.... and now it was my turn to see it first hand. It was everything I could hope for and of course when it came time for me to leave, I considered running and hiding and never leaving.  It's really special. The lovely proprietress, Abigail, along with her trusty sidekick Anni, zipped me around in her golf cart, pointing out a dizzying amount of history and beauty.  Annadel is available for private events (dinners, weddings, etc) but because the location is so special, and because they only book a handful of events a year, it books up very quickly. It's even become so sought after that they removed any road-side signs, hoping to deter curious fans who started to brazenly walk on the private property at any 'ol time of day. Please make an appointment folks.

Anyway, it is my version of wedding heaven and I hope to return someday soon! Perhaps for your wedding....