An Elopement: From the UK to Marin

  Last Friday was a beautiful sun-shiney day; a perfect day to get married...



Samantha and Greg have been a couple for a long time. So long that their friends and family never suspected that this little trip to visit the USA would be planned around a wedding!  Greg chose some classic American themes to accompany his "I do" to Samantha. As a Frank Lloyd Wright fan, this Marin icon was the perfect backdrop. And to add a little Americana to it all, he rented a spruced up Dodge Challenger with the Hemi and racing stripes for extra fun.

What I love about weddings is that it doesn't matter if the guest list is large or small or if the love is new or old; it's still so special.  Samantha, Greg, their daughter Amber and two close friends were all so lovely and fun.  It was wonderful to share the afternoon with them.



Special thanks:

Officiant: Kimberly Thompson