63 Candles

My dad just celebrated his 63rd birthday and as I stared at the numbered candles, I had this total realization that he was only 23 when I was born.  Isn't it an oddity trying to imagine your parents young and care-free? Anyway, we had a nice dinner celebration with some family at one of his favorite eateries in Petaluma.  Gourmet Garden is this very eclectic buffet that features Chinese, Japanese, seafood, salad bar, meat carving and a little bit of Mexican food thrown in too.  It pretty much takes care of any craving you're having!!

And can I just add that I gave him one of the best cards ever this year?!  An over-sized card with a Star Wars theme; "A long, long, long time ago... (open card, and the Star Wars theme begins to play)... you were born."  Ha, ha!!  Happy Birthday Dad!