5 Wedding Websites | Trendy + Custom

There's a great trend out in the wedding world which I love and I'm certain it is here to stay! WEDDING WEBSITES!

These sites are a fantastic method for sharing wedding day information such as lodging, activities, directions, photos and RSVP's and not only does it help the guests plan their attendance it also greatly helps out vendors such as me.  With so many of my clients coming from out of state, it's not uncommon for me to meet them the day of the wedding, so with these custom websites I'm able to "meet them" before hand; see photos of them, get a sense of their style, and better connect with their interests and family.  As a bonus, generally the couples list all of the vendors who will have a hand in creating their wedding day so I'm able to contact any necessary vendors ahead of time to discuss logistics.

I did a little research and came up with these top 5 sites (in no particular order):

Wedding JoJo


Wedding Wire

The Knot

Wedding Window