1957 | How to Shoot Weddings

Awhile back I was perusing Ebay.  I can't remember what I was searching for, but I came across this little gem of a book!  I think I paid about $4. How to Shoot Weddings, Michael K. Arin, Circa 1957.

I've yet to read it cover to cover, but I will say that the intro is very cutting edge for the time.  Here's an excerpt from page 7 that made me smile:

"Candids have swept the country... What kind of pictures are in demand?  Styles have changed.  Gone is the day of studio formals.  The swing has turned to action-stopping photos.  Man's ability to harness the intensity of sunlight in a little bulb of glass and to release at will this flash of brilliance, makes possible the capture of fleeting, priceless moments of the wedding day...

In "candid wedding" photography the photographer must remain for the duration of each wedding - following along from the bride's house to the church, and into the reception...

A candid wedding around 1944 or 1945 was often an amateurish operaton - 15 to 20 shots was considered enough."

It's all so cute!