$1+ Million Jag | Gold Jimmy Choos

I recently had the fun task of assisting my friend and fellow photographer Douglas Thompson on an amazing fashion-shoot which included a 1.3 million dollar Jaguar, 2 stunning models, boxes of designer shoes and not one but two gorgeous backdrops; Infineon Raceway (Sears Point) and Jacuzzi Winery!  Fashion photography is so different from event photography, so when Doug asked if I could assist even though it would mean the mundane task of bouncing light with a reflector for hours on end, I said YES! We started at Infineon early in the morning and in typical modeling fashion, we ended up standing around for 2 hours, waiting for the car to arrive and waiting for the models to finish up with hair and makeup.  So what do photographers do while waiting... we photograph stuff and each other!

Once everything was in place, we got started and it was truly fun to participate!  Below are some behind the scene shots, followed up with some of the pro photos.  Let's start with the "We're Waiting!" photos:

You hear of these stories...  A young, horse riding gal who has never modeled a day in her life until this day when her friend encouraged her to give it a try.

And let me say she didn't even have to "try"; she was insanely natural!