“Megan is a highly experienced and joyful photographer, who will tell your wedding day story with the utmost of calm, warmth, organization and professionalism.”

Almost 20 years ago, for the cost of film and developing, I photographed my very first wedding on a San Francisco beach with the Golden Gate Bridge as the backdrop. From that day, I was completely in love with everything about love.

I’ve taken my years of experience and heart to strive for a calm, thoughtful and not rushed wedding, creating a better timeline for you. Did you know that most wedding timelines do not give you enough time to hug and laugh with all of your friends and family who have traveled far to see you?

When you inquire with me, we’ll work on a tailored timeline together - giving you plenty of happy moments so you’ll never be that couple that says “I barely remember a thing from my wedding.”

I look forward to connecting soon!

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“These photos are absolutely INCREDIBLE! We have been blown away by your talent from the moment we first met, but with this gallery you've truly exceeded our wildest expectations. Despite my best efforts to stay present and in the moment during the big day, so much of it inevitably became a bit of a blur. But you've given us the greatest gift of all -- being able to relive all the special moments through your beautiful photos. ”
Jeri & Jeff     [June 2019]

"Your photos have brought tears to our eyes, we just can't believe how you've captured the day in a very beautiful, authentic, and complete way. We are just so very grateful for you!"                                                             Emma & Nick     [April 2018]

“Megan is also a lovely human who is patient, kind, genuine, and calming in the wedding day flurry with her gentle guidance resulting in beautifully flattering photos full of sincere emotion.”
Amber & Ernie    [June 2017]



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